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by    SEO   Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Want the Google stack added to your businesses SEO foundation? The Google stack is included in the Digital Branding Solution, get started here:

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#Thegooglestack is the secret behind ranking and maintaining the google maps Pack and builds you the local online presence you need to compete and grow upon and dominate local search markets and citations.
We want to give businesses owners a chance actually to compete with a real #localSEO base. The options currently out there are slim to none and negative usually. The problem is the mainstream options don’t have actual #SEO experience or understand algorithms. This becomes apparent when you start working with a company that claims your local citations. Most of these companies are literally just the phone book, they held on to a dying advertising media till the last minute then dumped money into a Facelift and rebranding as digital product experts. What you get with The Google stack is a handcrafted woven together seamlessly set of google approved listings and citations, your Youtube, Your Google plus, your engine list whatever your local market is getting the most pull and rankings from. We then perfect the NAP data, interlink and automate the thing. We are giving Google what it wants to see in a local market to the T. You can then rest assured we are not just halfway claiming your listings are throwing lipstick on them and sending them into the night. Our team consists of industry experts building you something to last. The best part its a one time fee no strings attached or commitments. Head over to Brandel Branding and get your listings stacked.
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