The Greatest Running a blog Recommendation – Running a blog Suggestions And Methods For Rookies!

by    Backlinks Services   Monday, February 1st, 2021

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The Best Blogging Advice – Blogging Tips And Tricks For Beginners!

In this video, I go over two recent Reddit threads based on the best blogging advice for beginners to share my thoughts on some of the input from the community. There are some excellent blogging tips and tricks in both of the threads that will be able to help anyone who is a blogging beginner to help increase the chances of you getting traffic and making money online from your blog.

I wanted to make this video as it can be hard to find good advice on blogging and many of the good threads on Reddit end up getting buried and are never seen again. My hope is that making this video will be able to help as many of my subscribers as possible and make these quick and easy blogging tips for beginners more well known amongst the community.

As I full-time blogger I receive a number of requests for feedback on other people’s blogs each month but I don’t have the time to go over each blog. With any luck, some of the points from this video will be able to help you avoid some of the more common problems that noobie bloggers make.

00:00 – Intro
01:04 – First Blogging Advice Thread
17:56 – Second Blogging Advice Thread
28:05 – Outro

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