The Nice search engine optimisation Debate: Are Backlinks Vital?

by    Backlinks Services   Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Are backlinks dead? Is the content as important as people make it out to be? Join the great SEO debate where we get the top SEO minds to duke it out over the most contended issues in search. Hear different perspectives of issues and make up your own mind in an educational format you won’t get anywhere else!

0:31 Introduction
3:45 Are Backlinks Important for Small Businesses?
15:15 Are Backlinks Still Relevant?
19:50 Backlinks for New Businesses (New Domain) vs Existing Businesses (Mature Domain)
23:20 Which Aspect of SEO is The Most Important?
25:20 The Evolution of Backlink Strategies
27:43 What Type of Content Attracts Backlinks & Where to Get Your First Backlinks?
29:03 Are Link Building Services Worth It?
33:51 Is the Skyscraper Technique Still Relevant for Link Building?
38:58 Short vs Long-form Content
40:12 Acquiring Backlinks for Small vs Large Businesses
43:40 Can a Website Rank Without Any Link Building Strategy?
57:10 Should Digital Marketing Agencies Get Links from Their Clients?
59:49 Should You Disavow Low-Quality Links?

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