The One Surefire Means To Enhance Your Direct Bookings

by    SEO   Friday, September 14th, 2018

When you search for your hotel, holiday cottage or B&B on Google what do you find at the top of the search results?
Is it your properties own website? No? It should be.

Google’s very own algorithm is supposedly set up to bring back the most relevant results to those searching, in this case, what could be more relevant to your hotel name than the actual website dedicated to that hotel which will work to boost direct bookings for your business?

This is a source of frustration for many businesses, affiliates using their brands to further their own business. This is especially concerning in the hospitality industry where the cost of this is particularly apparent.

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Who is Boostly?

It’s short for Boost Hospitality, I boost bookings for Independent hotel, guesthouse or rental property owners all over the world.

I will show you how to turn Lookers into Bookers, how to get more Heads on Beds and how to spends just pennies doing so in the process.

The Boostly Training site is an ideal place to follow step by step videos that will impact your direct bookings today

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