The right way to Enhance CTR and Enhance your Google Rating.

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The right way to Enhance CTR and Enhance your Google Rating.


This is Rohit Vedantwar, your digital marketing guide.

And we are back with another fresh podcast on Digital marketing.

So Today’s topic is,

How to Boost CTR and Improve your Google Ranking.

But what is CTR?

CTR stands for Click thru rate.

In the context of Organic traffic or SEO, Click-through rate is the ratio of users who click on a specific web link to the number of total users who actually view.

Organic search results could be any search engine for example either Google or Bing.

For example, if you had 7 clicks and your listing was viewed 100 times in Google Search Results, then your CTR would be 7%.

Is CTR A Google Ranking Factor

Many experts believe that better CTR = better ranking. Meaning if your website ranking at #4 gets more clicks than a website ranking at #3 chances are that Google algorithms would automatically promote your listing to #3.

However if your CTR is below average for the # 3 spot your site might be demoted to # 4 again.

Now, Let me share Some actionable tips to Boost your CTR

Use Short Title tags and Optimize them with Your most important keywords. You must write unique title tags for all your important pages to perform well in Google.

Using numbers in your title tags can significantly boost your CTR. If you are in a price sensitive market try adding your lowest price or starting range in your Title tag.

According to a study published by SEO Expert Brian Dean, Title tags with Questions get approx 14 % more clicks in Google. Eg use words like how, what, who etc in your title to boost your CTR.

Keyword Rich, Short URLs tend to attract more clicks. Use your most important primary keywords in your URLs.

Don’t Ignore meta description tags. Write Unique and compelling meta description for all your important pages. Pages with well written meta description can get approx 6% higher ctr in Google search results. Use your primary keyword in meta descriptions for even better results.

Use Schema markups if relevant. For Eg if you are an ecommerce website your could use scheme tags to display price, total number or review, star rating etc in Search Results. This definitely helps to boost CTR.

Still have questions, do drop a comment.

Hope that was worth your time.

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This is Rohit Vedantwar, co-founder and CEO @ supramind digital.

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