The right way to Enhance Google Rank of your Web site

by    SEO   Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Learn From Failures & Success

What are failures in SEO?
In short, Websites that are not on 1st page in Google.(Don’t worry if your site is one among them. You can also succeed in SEO war.)
But there are lot of factors causing the failures.
We can learn it from those websites, because all of them have some similar properties.

What are Success in SEO?
Obviously, 1st position in Google SERP.
But the 1st page results are also success, because it may changes position according to query, location, etc.
We can learn successful website’s special properties from the results.

Content is King Elected by USERS

Everyone say “Content is King”. But how Google find which content is King?
User’s votes are evaluated for finding good and bad content .
Content can be anything that convey information.

User Interaction says thousand Words.

User’s Positive votes:
Time on each page
Number of Pageviews
Mouse clicks on each page.(User clicks only if he find it interesting).
Searching different query.(In some cases).

User’s Negative votes:
High bounce rate.
Less user interaction.
Visiting another website from search result.
Searching different query.(In some cases).

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