The right way to Enhance web optimization and Enhance Your Google Rankings – FAST!

by    SEO   Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

Today you will know how to improve your SEO so you can rank high on Google, get more traffic, and make more sales!

SEO Tutorial: The Best Free SEO tool to Improve Your SEO, FAST!

Move over analytics, this SEO tip shifts to the Best Free SEO tool that’s easy to use!

Implement a few simple changes and Improve your SEO to rank high on Google, FAST!

The current problem in SEO is making a hypothesis, throwing mud on a wall to see what sticks. That ends today!

Here’s the 3 best essential video Mary and I made a little bit ago

Today you will learn how to use the best free SEO tool that doesn’t make guesses on what’s going on at Google but tells you exactly what’s going on with your Google rankings with your actual website data.

This is the BEST way to improve your SEO fast!

You have to know what your blog posts are doing, what your website pages are doing, what keywords your populating for, what search queries you are populating for on Google to know how to improve your SEO.

Exactly what we’re going to cover in this SEO tutorial!

1. Get data to know what to optimize
2. Get data to know how to optimize

That’s search engine optimization.

How do you do that? How do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt what you need to do to fix your SEO for a specific blog post on your website?

You look at Google search console!

If you don’t have Google search console yet get it hooked up to your WordPress website fast and Free by watching this video

Here’s the free onpage seo tool that was used as well

But you can’t just install Google search console, you got to know how to use this best SEO tool.

The first thing you need to do is click on the performance button, and then from here there are two ways to know how to improve your SEO.

The first way that we’re going to go through is finding keywords, search queries on Google that you’re are currently ranking for.

You do this by clicking the queries button after you scroll down a little bit on the performance page.

Inside of this SEO tool it’s going to give you the data of how many clicks that you received from that search query, as well as how many impressions your website was shown to searches on Google.

Legit data you can actually implement make changes to right now to improve your SEO! Boom!

I like to sort by Impressions first, this shows you exactly what you are working on whenever you are fixing your SEO, are you being shown on Google search results. This is the whole entire SEO game! Your SEO ranking!

This isn’t easy SEO beginner hack, but by implementing this you are going to quickly rise to know how to run with the SEO Pros!

Optimize your click-through rate with a better title, get the right keywords in your meta description, get the right on-page SEO set up with your headers and in content words, and watch your Google rankings go hi!

This is the way to begin to rank number one on Google!

Improving your old blog post, making them more fresh, making them more robust, making them more relevant, and crushing your content.