The right way to examine your VW Audi for Increase Leaks

by    SEO   Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

We talked about how to check for boost leaks on your VW or Audi model. Boost leaks can be a big headache but before you assume you have a boost leak you should check to make sure you know thats the case. Otherwise you might end up chasing your tail. In this video we show you how to check with a scan tool then helpful tips to pinpoint your boost leak.

NOTE: For older VW/Audi models which you need to enter a channel number for to live data you need to go to channel 115
Channel 115-3 – requested boost
Channel 115-4 – actual boost

OBDeleven Scan Tool for VW and Audi HERE

DIY Boost Leak Tester (please note sites are specific to that model may vary by vehicle)


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