The search engine marketing Technique I Use to Get 57,000 Guests per Month (No Backlinking and All Free)

by    SEO   Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

If you would like your website to rank higher, use this SEO strategy for long-term success. No backlinking or expensive payments needed.

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0:00 Introduction and my old website
0:52 Should you focus on SEO right now?
1:28 How many people come to my site through SEO and how that helps me
2:59 The SEO strategy I use
6:17 Extra SEO tips to help you rank higher
7:34 What I can do to improve my SEO strategy
9:22 SEO summary


– Embed videos into your blog posts (I believe this helps for time on page)
– Write posts that include on-page SEO elements but are written for human engagement
– Split the post up into sections to go after the long-tail keywords
– Promote your posts through email and on social media
– Update posts that are between 6-10 in the rankings and those that are on page two
– Repromote old posts that you have updated
– Connect with others in your industry as they are likely to share your posts
– Build up momentum by posting often at first
– Think about ways to easily create video content (Instagram) and embed those videos onto your website

This can be done without paying an SEO company and without link building. The key though is to be patient and focus on other marketing strategies that bring in results straight away while you build things up in the background.

Hope this helps. Let me know what you think.