The Tiny Vlog: Enhance Web site Rating with Google Webmaster Instruments

by    SEO   Friday, May 29th, 2015

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Hi, I’m Brent Curry, Web Marketing Specialist with Tiny Frog Technologies. Today I want to talk about setting up your Google webmaster tools account and linking in your sitemap. This is
especially important if you are planning on blogging or adding news to your site, keeping your content fresh. It basically just streamlines the indexing within the Google search engine. So let’s take a look. One of the main reasons I like to recommend setting up webmaster tools is not only because you get a number of interesting tools within the account but more because – especially if you have a
blog, or you’re going to be keeping your site content fresh by adding new content – it’s a way to really streamline the indexing of that content so you don’t have to worry about submitting URLs or waiting for spiders to find these new pages. Basically, you just link your site, set up webmaster tools, and then tell it where your sitemap is within your site. That sitemap then is a dynamic tool
already within your WordPress site so as you’re adding new pages, the sitemaps get updated, Google sees the sitemap, sees the new pages and they get then put into the index right away. So that’s the main reason that we recommend it.

It’s very simple to set up. The first thing you need to do is verify ownership of your account. The easiest way to do that is to log in using the exact same account that you have your Google Analytics account within. Make sure that you have admin rights to that account. We’re going to add our site here. Then it’s going to ask us to validate this particular site, verify our ownership. Go to alternate methods and you should see an option for Google Analytics here. And we just click verify and I like the Google Analytics method because it tends to be very fast. You don’t have to go make changes to a site, add a meta tag, add an HTML file, or any of that. We’ve now verified ownership because we’re working within the same account as our Google Analytics account. And then to add the sitemap, we can go here. It looks like we’ve already got it added but you would go to the same place within a new account as well. And you’ll see we have a button in the upper right here to add/test a sitemap. Typical sitemap URL name is “this sitemap dot XML” but you’ll want to make sure that is where your sitemap is located. And that is basically it, we now have verified the account and link to our site map into webmaster tools so that as we add new blog posts, it will find those for us.

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed the topic today. If you have any questions about web marketing services or web marketing in general please reach out to us, we’d be glad to assist.