The way to Enhance Your Key phrases on Etsy: Titles and Tags

by    SEO   Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Keywords are so incredibly important when it comes to writing titles and tags for your Etsy shop and products. After all, a strong keyword strategy is the surest way to guarantee you’ll appear in a wide array of buyer searches.

Watch Etsy Shop Optimization Specialist Isabella Diaz’s advice on how to best target your market and optimize your listing keywords. In this video, she reviews best practices (no, you don’t have to use all 140 characters in your title) and known tagging tips (compound descriptive phrases are best).

It’s important to remember that Etsy search is always changing and every shop is different. These are the current best practices we recommend (as of June 2019) and we’ll regularly update our tips to keep you informed.

For more insights, read The Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search ( as well as our tagging worksheet (