three Efficient Purchasing Cart Abandonment Methods That Can Enhance Gross sales by 10-20%

by    SEO   Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Want to turn your abandoned cart visitors into customers? Here are 3 strategies that will help you recover those prospects into customers.
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You have a cart on your website. People go to your shopping cart and they want to check out. But as you’ve noticed, some people abandon their cart for whatever reason. This happens in shopify and other cart ecommerce services.

In today’s video I share with you how to recover potential customers who are abandoning your cart.

The first thing you want to do is have a two-step checkout process. What I mean by two-step checkout process is, you first ask for their name and email, or you ask them to “sign up”.

And then the second step would be the checkout page where they put in the credit card details and the shipping address. This way, if someone abandons the cart on the second step, you can then email them and try to get them to reengage and finish the transaction.

The second thing you wanna do is remarketing. So when someone goes, they add stuff to your cart. They go, they try to check out, but they don’t buy. You can re-market them. So when they’re browsing the web, they continually see products and services from your website. And then when they go back to your website, you want to take them back to the cart. That way they can finish the transaction.

The third thing you wanna do is continually optimize your checkout page. Sure, people are gonna abandon their cart, but if you can optimize it to maximize the conversion rate less people are gonna abandon. You can use crazyegg for this.

Crazyegg will show you which fields are causing the drop-off rate. Because through the heatmap feature, it’ll show you where they’re clicking and where they’re not. Or where they’re leaving. The other thing you can do with crazyegg, you can see how far people are scrolling down, and as you’re making your changes to your cart page, which you can funny enough do within crazyegg, ’cause there’s a WYSIWYG feature, you can also run a/v test to make sure that your changes are improving your conversions, versus making changes on a gut feel, which could be hurting you.

Following those three things, and you’re gonna get more people to finish their cart, and you’re gonna end up making more money. It’s that simple.