Three ideas highly effective to enhance rating shortly on google lead to 2020 step-by-step 🔥

by    SEO   Saturday, May 16th, 2020

Hi guys What’s up? And welcome back to another practical video of SEO tutorials . my name is vaezi founder of . I’m very excited to be here because in today’s video I’m gonna share with you 3 powerful tips to improve ranking of your website quickly in google search results step by step.

Step 1: make sure that loading time of your pages is very Fast.
The right speed for a website in 2020 is less than 3 seconds because your page loading time is an important factor for google and audience.
Let me give you an example: 7 years ago you could possibly see a website with a very slow loading page. Although it was on the top of search results in google but right now this an issue .
The competition is high
Users are in rush
And Google doesn’t like it either
So The first question that might come to your mind is that: how to improve the page loading speed on my website.
First of all you should check your web page speed on and page speed google test , the two web analyzers which are able to detect all types of errors in your website. Thus you can fix them up. Usually the most common errors are related to images. Do make an optimization for your photos you should use Adobe Photoshop in order to resize the photos according to your web page and then the best option is to compress the images by uploading them over

Step 2 : Develop and improve UX for the mobile devices.
Since the use of mobile data increased in 2015, Google has been constantly reviewing the websites in mobile mode. Right now in 2020 more than 70% of all searches in Google are now performed from mobile devices all around the world. Now you can understand the importance of mobile data for google.
First of all, you must check-in Mobile status and go to the Mobile Usability in your search console. or You can also use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to get tips on how your mobile experience could be improved.

So what to consider when you’re designing for mobile screens.
A mobile responsive website includes design elements such as:
• Readable text without requiring zoom
• Adequate space for tap targets
• No horizontal scrolling
in addition I’d like to tell you 2 amazing tips:
First : Go to the or choose a psd design
And then Use the Elmentor for professional design of mobile and desktop devices
Step 3: use the structured data to be recognized by google in a better way.
I think Most users in the future will be able to get all the necessary information from these features without even clicking on any website.

Pay attention guys Structured Data is Not a Ranking Factor but it makes your website to be Seen more in search result and eventually increases CTR.
let me give you an example guys: imagine a website that have a FAQ schema and podcast. So these features can make your website to be seen more frequently over the web. What do you think about it?

Well the first question that might come to your mind is that : how to show these features in search result. So You can easily go to the and you will see all the structured data. for example The most famous of them included : FAQ and review snippets and podcast or whatever. They are really cool.

if you wanna study more for structured data, go to the :

if you are using the wordpress you can easily install schema pro :