three Varieties of Backlinks

by    Backlinks Services   Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

In this video, you’ll hear some of the following:
“There are three types of backlinks the good the bad and the worst. Let’s divide backlinks into three categories tier 1 the absolute best ones you can generate for your website, tier 2 the bad ones you should avoid as much as possible and tier 3 the absolute worst of the worst these will totally get your website penalized by Google and other search engines.
So let’s begin with Tier 1 backlinks there are specific qualities that make a backlink a good one to keep it simple just remember this rule any backlink that comes naturally to your site from a relevant and authoritative source is a good one this is also known as organic link building, few different types of tier 1 backlinks like editorial backlinks, relationship based backlinks, guest blogging, niche directories.
Tier 2 backlinks the type you should generally avoid they don’t really add any value to your rankings in the first place and we expect that Google may eventually penalize you for them in the near future okay maybe it’s worth to think if you happen to have a chance of creating tons of these with minimal effort but in our experience time spent on tier backlinks just isn’t worth it.
The juicy stuff tiers 3 the nastiest of the nasty building these types of backlinks will get your website penalized in the search engine results pages for sure now let’s look at some of the common ones like paid links even if it’s on a very small scale buying links is still a horrible idea that you must avoid at all costs and as mentioned earlier general directories are mostly spammy and should be avoided.
So to conclude, backlinks are absolutely important they make your website more credible and authoritative in the eyes of the search engines and prepare your webpages higher in the SERPs however it is vital to pay attention to the types of backlinks you are generating”.

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