Tips on how to Use Schema Markup for Your website positioning Technique | How Structured Information Works

by    SEO   Monday, July 27th, 2020

In this video, Rendell from the Internet marketing team at WebFX will go over the basics of how to use schema markup for SEO, show you some helpful tools to make implementing structured data so much easier, and give you some quick tips for using schema markup.

Schema markup (also known as structured data) can help your website stand out in search results.

Structured data tells search engines more about what’s on on your website, so you can potentially show up in search engines with rich snippets.

Rich snippets are extra pieces of information added to search results, like ratings and frequently asked questions.

Whether you have a restaurant, a blog, a tech company, or really any other business, there is some form of schema markup for you.

Your business can choose from categories like articles, events, job posting, software applications, movies, and more when optimizing your pages with structured data.

If you want to dive EVEN MORE into how to use schema markup for SEO, check out our blog:

We have plenty of resources on how structured data works on our website:

Resources from the video:
Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool:

Google’s structured Data Markup Helper:

In this video:
00:00:00 // Introduction to schema markup
00:00:25 // What is schema markup?
00:00:56 // How schema markup works
00:01:20 // How schema markup helps SEO
00:01:31 // When do you use schema markup?
00:01:50 // How to use schema markup on your website
3 tips for using schema markup on your website
00:02:42 // Schema markup tip #1: Use Google’s data testing tool
00:02:52 // Schema markup tip #2: Create and implement just 1 type of schema markup
00:03:08 // Schema markup tip #3: Focus on your users
00:03:17 // Conclusion
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