Tips on how to website positioning merchandise in bulk in your Shopify retailer

by    SEO   Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Edit products in bulk in your Shopify store: improve your website SEO by optimizing your products visibility in search engines. Video by Rock Paper Copy

SEO optimization [search engine optimization] is vital for any ecommerce website or an online store. Regular website maintenance will ensure that Google will see your website fresh and gives it priority over other websites in the search results. Remember to update your pages, blog posts and products on a regular basis.

In this video I am going to show you how to edit your products in bulk in your Shopify store. Shopify platform allows you to update a number of values in bulk: SKU, meta titles, meta descriptions, prices, items in stock and so on. For this video, I am going to focus on the SEO optimization side of the product edit.

Meta titles and meta descriptions – these two values are visible in Google search results and are often the first thing your visitors see when they come across your website in google search. Make sure that these values are defined by you and not automatically generated by Google. Specify the unique attributes of each product, benefits for the buyers and add a CTA [call to action] to encourage people to click the link and visit your website.

Remember to stay within the character limit when writing meta description and meta title [you will see the number of characters allowed displayed in your Shopify admin section and you will be able to monitor if you are still within the limits].

You can include any of your target keyword phrases within the meta title and meta description, in order to improve your seo optimization. Donโ€™t be tempted however to list all of your keywords in the meta description – Google may rank your website lower in the search results. Remember to write for a human reader first – readability is an important Google website ranking factor.

Consider having an alternative SEO meta title displayed only in the search engines and alternative product title being displayed in your store, if you want to manage your search results and allow your store visitors search products based on the defined specifics. This functions is also very practical, if you want only to display shorter product titles due to your storeโ€™s aesthetics but donโ€™t want to compromise on the seo optimization in search results.

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