Utilizing Discussion board Backlinks As Half Of Your website positioning Technique!

by    Backlinks Services   Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

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Using Forum Backlinks As Part Of Your SEO Strategy!

Although forum link building has been around for a very long time, I do think that it still has its place in the current SEO link building landscape as a secondary link type to help supplement your primary backlinks to your blog. Although the way that we use forum links for SEO has changed over the years, creating manual posts on niche relevant forum threads that link to your article can offer a benefit and I plan to keep on using the link type for the foreseeable future.

Although a forum backlink can be created yourself, it can take a large amount of time and effort to build out the required network of accounts so I outsource the process to freelance link builders these days. That said though, if you are wanting to keep costs as low as possible and you have free time on your hands then forum links can be a great way to get some initial backlinks to your domain.

That said though, if you are planning to go for high competition keywords then I think that they should only be used as a secondary link type to supplement guest posts and niche edits. If you are planning to only go for medium competition keywords then I have had some success with a few articles I ran tests on when just building forum links to them and managing to get them in the top 3 of Google for their target keywords.

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