Utilizing Google+ to Enhance Your Rankings

by    SEO   Wednesday, November 6th, 2013
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Here’s some data to support our statements:

Thanks Rand at Moz for the awesome keynote at SIC2013.

Is your Google Plus strategy lagging behind your other social channels, or have you just completely neglected using it? That’s okay, the benefits of G+ aren’t immediately apparent. But, as we finish 2013 and go into the new year it’s becoming more clear that we need to start paying attention to Google Plus. I explain why in this video.

I’ll discuss in more detail in my next video how you can set up your Google profiles, use rel=author and create a custom URL for Google Plus.

Why Your Should Be Using Google Plus:
– Create more visual results in SERPs
– Claim authorship for your original content.
– Google SERP bias towards Google Plus and “+1’s”

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