Utilizing SSR to Enhance Efficiency and search engine marketing – Alon Kaduri

by    SEO   Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Wix is using ReactJS and Server-Side-Rendering (SSR) to generate sites.
Supporting Wix Code meant moving from rendering of static sites to rendering of dynamic web-applications with custom user-code.

This made SSR a whole lot more complicated because now we had to also render the dynamic content on the server side.

In this lecture, Alon describes how we took SSR to the next level in order to improve site loading time and have all the dynamic content indexed by search engines. Alon focuses on the challenges we faced (and still do), such as scaling and security when running Wix Code (the user’s code) in the server.

Alon works at as an SSR team lead in the editor group, focusing on improving performance and SEO for our users.
He is a full-stack engineer, Javascript fanatic and has been a web development fan for the past 10 years.