Video 4 – Including Extra Energy To My Video To Enhance Google Rating

by    SEO   Saturday, July 21st, 2018

In this case study I have been trying to rank a video on page 1 to drive phone leads to a local business.
So far using Video Viper I OWN #1 in youtube – but google has been less easy impressed and I have not made it past page 2.

More about Video Viper –

So I have made a google site packed full of key word relevance, and made a google map packed for of keyword relevance, and embedded my video into the map (numerous times) and the google site. Oh and the google map is also embedded in the google site – to help build locational relevance.
In this video I show the google site and map – but also show a system that is now going to go an build 100s of pages for me based on the key words given, that will build links to the google site, the google map, and the video itself.
This embed network should hopefully drive the linking power and relevance power enough to get my video to rank in google – all while video viper is driving views and engagement (which is still important to maintain google and youtube rankings)