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by    SEO   Sunday, January 12th, 2020

Video SEO tools (Video SEO Tools 2020 with YouTube Video SEO Best Practices)
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After uploading tons of videos I was able to find a “ranking formula”:
How many times we should repeat the keywords in title/tags, how many views, how many social signals, and so on, in order to get on the top page of YouTube & Google.

The formula has Dynamic factors. All the factors are depending on the average numbers of your competitor videos. For example the number of views that you need to get top rankings is dependent on the average number of views the top 10 videos ranking for that keyword have. For almost 20 factors, the formula depends on the average on your competitor videos.

It takes me – and I have an IT and Math Degree – around 30 minutes to make the calculations.

And another 20-30 minutes to find the best related keywords and find the lexical semantic keywords.

Overall it takes me over one hour to optimize a single video!

Is it worth it?
Heck yeah! Even a single optimized video can bring you over $1000 in the following months!

Let me tell you something about me…I HATE Math calculations!

So I decided to automate the process and create a software that will make all the calculations for me! That’s how Video Marketing Blaster was born!

But please continue reading, because this is where things start to get even more interesting!

When I was automating the formula, I was doing tests with a video about Game of Thrones.
I was trying to see if I can get a 1000 views video from a dummy channel, but I ended up on the first page where only official channels and videos with over 100,000 views were ranking…

After I did some tweaks to my formula…i was speechless!

I was able to outrank official channels and videos that had millions of views!

Funny thing, my dummy video was getting thousands of views each day and I didn’t monetize that traffic in any way! That’s when I knew that we were able to really REVERSE ENGINEER the YouTube Ranking system.

So here is the process that I follow each time I have to upload a new video:

#1 Find Untapped Keywords – find and analyse long tail keywords and related keywords to your main niche that you can easily exploit.

#2 Analyse Your Competition – using the schema I gave you, find all the weak points of the competitor videos and calculate the average values.

#3 Generate Title/Description/Tags + Exploit the weak points – Write the title/description/tags using the main keyword, long tail keyword, related keywords and lexical semantic keywords.

Don’t just stuff them in your description and separate them by commas.
You have to include your keywords in phrases! And get them to be around 5% of your description content.

I hope my schema and my tricks will help you get your videos on the first page and finally end your traffic problem!

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