Voice Over Web site High 10 Ideas – Enhance the rating and efficiency of your voiceover web site

by    SEO   Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

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10) Get your own domain, ideally with your name and voiceover or voice talent in. The search engines will love it, and you will when more people looking for you in particular find you number one in the list.

Also, don’t be an amateur with a Gmail or Hotmail account, wouldn’t be a more professional email account, linked to your domain?

9) Make sure your main demos are on Page 1 of your site and it’s obvious where to click. It’s fine to repeat the main ones with all your other less important styles and genres on an inner page, but Page 1 is very important.

8) Check your site on Windows computers, Macs, Apple and Android tablets, and Apple and Andoid phones. There are lots of different web design software packages out there who use different methods to put audio players on sites. Some need the viewing computer to have Java installed, some Quicktime, sometimes an audio player is part of a fancy animated Flash design which works dandy on a Windows computer but invisible on a phone…and so on.

Most web software packages happily support embedded YouTube videos, however, and so do all platforms, so consider turning your audio showreels into video…with a graphic or animation as I have done as well as offering audio only. Then the videos can be embedded easily, they WILL show up when viewed and it even helps the SEO.

7) Always make it possible for visitors to download your showreels or demos, sometime people do like to keep a collection on their hard drive.

6) Don’t forget to name the showreel files with your name. So many people forget to do this, and if you don’t slate yourself on the recording, (which I personally think is a naff thing to do as you have to do it in an “out of character” voices and thus lets daylight in on magic,) the client has a voiceover who they’d like to book but can’t find you as you hadn’t named the file!

5) Learn about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. You don’t to get a degree in it, just the basics so if you are designing and building the site yourself, you’ll remember to put in decent keywords in the metadata and on page, in the right proportions. You’ll also remember to change the name of your photos and the ALT tag from numbers to something searchable, like your name. Every little helps!

4) Include videos with your voiceover on. As you get more gigs, you’ll have a collection of finished videos on YouTube. Ask permission from the clients and embed them into a video portfolio on your site!

3) Put some background material on your site. Something about you and your life; it doesn’t have to be fully relevant to voiceovers at all. Many clients like to know more about the people they are working with. Extra non-subject material also is good for SEO

2) Have a “testimonials” page. It doesn’t matter if nobody actually looks at it; and the best testimonials may be needed on your home page anyway, but you’ll lots of nice email replies if you follow my methods. At the end of each month, cut and paste all the best ones into your Testimonial page. This will really help your SEO.

1) And the top tip? Have I mentioned SEO yet? Generally you must refresh your site regularly so the search engines see it as an active site, to push you up the ratings. Change your keywords in the site’s metadata, swap them around, add new ones, do anything to make it look active. You’ll need to refresh your demos and details regularly anyway.

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