Way forward for search engine optimization: Manipulating SERP CTR on Google

by    SEO   Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

As the Google Search algorithm focuses more on user experience and less on off-site metrics, SERP click through rate is becoming a rising trend in SEO. We talk about how you can boost your SERP CTR and which methods work and which don’t. Automated clicks that use proxies do not work and this theory has been proven. The only working method right now is using a click exchange network like the SerpClix service. SerpClix is a click exchange network the drives geo-targeted traffic via your Google search terms, to your website. If you’re sitting at the bottom of page one, or just trying to get that push to take over the top spot, CTR manipulation is what your website needs and SerpClix will raise your CTR for as little as a couple dollars a day.

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