web optimization and Social Media: The State of Natural Visitors in 2019

by    SEO   Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

#SEO #SocialMedia #SMM

00:00 – intro
05:10 – does social media impact SEO?
11:15 – does search beat social or vice versa?
15:25 – if someone is building a personal or corporate brand, how can they effectively maintain their presence across so many channels? What’s the core differentiator over the years?
18:40 – how to leverage social media to optimize search results when somebody is googling you?
21:25 – question from the audience: “Can adding social links, youtube playlist, et al into wiki data boost social signals at all?”
26:45 – being yourself is sustainable!
27:10 – question from the audience: “As an agency, we struggle with clients wanting to utilize social ads, even when the risk outweighs the benefits. What type of businesses would benefit the most from social media? Ex.: Would a travel center benefit from social? If not, how do we explain that the utilization of social media isn’t fitting with what they’re attempting to achieve?”
32:20 – question from the audience: “Is Foursquare considered a social channel?”
33:50 – question from the audience: “How do you expand an existing brand that has an interested audience but not a dedicated one? How do you make them dedicated which will increase their social signal?”
39:45 – is AI changing the way search engines determine rankings in 2019?
47:45 – the most important social metrics to measure
52:33 – question from the audience: “Are amateur-style videos acceptable in industries that cater to enterprise accounts where deals can be in the six-figures and beyond?”
56:20 – final words