web optimization in Yandex / web optimization rating elements for industrial web sites 📊

by    SEO   Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Are you looking for international SEO strategy for your business? On this episode I talk about commercial ranking factors in Yandex search engine and what features you should pay attention to improve your SEO rankings in Yandex.

Yandex introduced five SEO factors which it considers important for commercial websites:

• Credibility of the website and company
• Appearance and interface
• Range of products
• Prices
• Methods of payment and delivery

Here is a list of some features that are used in the qualitative evaluation of websites:

• Detailed contact information
• Company’s pages in social networks
• Absence of advertising
• Number of different product items
• Detailed product description
• Availability of shipping service
• Customer service (email, phone, customer feedback etc.)
• On-line consulting system
• Price discounts
• Readability of domain name
• Average URL length
• Average page title length
• Consistency of page title and page content
• Average depth of the URL path

📝 “Quality-biased Ranking for Queries with Commercial Intent” (Yandex, 2013):


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