web optimization Rating – Enhance your Web site rating in google with these web optimization Methods

by    SEO   Friday, November 30th, 2018

Hi and welcome to where our mission is to teach you how to create a website.

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Even if you are a complete beginner to SEO, this class is designed just for you. I am not an SEO Expert, but I do have a little experience and have used these techniques that I will be teaching you to improve my websites in the google search engines.

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What we cover in the course:

Structure of Content:
1. Introduction Video- What will be covered in the class

2. How to set up google search console

3. How to add your website to google search console – (verify your website with html)

4. How to use google search console to view the visitors to your website – Search analytics – (View CTR rate, View Impressions, View Clicks, Position)

5. How to use google search console to determine your keywords to target – (Search Traffic Search Analytics select clicks, impressions, CTR’s)

6. How to install SEO Pressor

7. How to SEO optimize your page title tags using SEO Pressor (Use words like Free, Get, Amazing, Tips)

8. How to SEO optimize your meta description using SEO Pressor

9. How to add the keywords to your website/blog on page content

10. How to get google to fetch your website after updates

The goal of SEO is to get more visitors to your website that will get your more business, more people looking at your site and more customers for your products.

Let me tell you that I am excited to share my SEO knowledge with you.

One thing I would like to get straight though, is that I am not an SEO expert and I don’t claim to be an internet marketer, but what I can tell you is this.

The tips and techniques that I am going to teach you in this course I have personally used to increase the SEO Rankings of many of websites in the google search engines.

I will explain to you step-by-step and in detail of how I go about getting my websites to rank for certain keywords in google.

How I increase the impressions of my website in the google search engines.

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