Web site Backlinks Get You Rating Increased With Google

by    Backlinks Services   Monday, July 6th, 2020

It doesn’t really matter what kind of business you operate. If you have a website and your business success relies on web traffic. Getting your website to rank higher with the search engines is key. Ultimately if you can get your website to rank in that all elusive “Golden Triangle” at least for some keywords, that’s even better. The main thing that gets your website ranking higher is backlinks. When it comes to online business for retail Florists and other businesses within the floral industry. Backlinks from images featuring your products or design work on other vendor’s websites are what you’re aiming for.

Now for all my floral industry followers here is the nutshell version of how backlinks work. Basically, the backlinks you are striving for is when other websites share a direct link to your website, specifically to certain pages, information, or images. It’s also good for you to have some backlinks going to other websites from your website. So with SEO (Search Engine Optimization”, all your digital marketing with all your keyword work, anywhere you have a business profile listed, all your social media marketing, and the number of backlinks you’ve got. The search engines basically look at all of it combined to determine if you are legit and that your information answers a person’s search query the best. When you hit all those bullet points is when your website ranks higher. This is especially important with Google as 93% of all people searching for anything on the web is doing it with Google.

So for all my flower people out there. Just as the “Mechanics” of how we make a flower bouquet hold together and work well. Everything I mentioned above is the “Mechanics” of what holds your website together and keeps it working well.

So in this Youtube video, I’m explaining how generating backlinks to images showcasing your work can be a benefit to helping you gain web traffic. Ultimately looking for backlinks coming from other websites. These can be from other businesses ‘ websites such as other local vendors in the area you work with. As well as backlinks to your website you create when sharing your own link on your social streams like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.