[Webinar] Grasp Surfer and win rankings with on-page search engine optimisation

by    Backlinks Services   Monday, December 30th, 2019

During this exclusive, 2-hour workshop you’ll learn tips and tricks no other SEO will tell you:

👉Why analyzing the wrong organic competitors may ruin your on-page (and how to avoid that)
👉How to analyze top pages from search results and use real-time data for spotless optimization
👉Quick wins to finally move your landing to the first page in Google without boring, manual work
👉Creating briefs for content that any copywriter will LOVE to work with


Introduction (3:45)
Surfer Value Proposition (8:35)
SERP Analyzer Overview (12:45)
Search Results Actions (34:00)
Custom URL (39:30)
Similar Keywords (41:45)
Excluding Pages (IMPORTANT) (49:30)
Excluding Examples (52:45)
Audit Overview (1:00:00)
Outliers on the charts: (1:19:10)
Highest but not penalized density (1:22:50)
Correlations (1:27:10)
SERP Analyzer Takeaway (1:32:00)
Content Editor (1:32:25)
Secondary Keywords (1:35:10)
Sharing Editor (1:37:25)
Keyword Research (1:44:30)
Optimizing for True Density process (1:51:50)
Q&A (1:55:00)
NLP Sneak peek (2:08:30)