website positioning Bangla Tutorial – Easy methods to Optimize Meta Description for Google Rating

by    SEO   Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

SEO Bangla Tutorial – How to Optimize Meta Description for Google Ranking – best tips

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According to google webmaster blog, meta description and meta keywords are not Google ranking factor. Google doesn’t use meta description and meta keywords as a ranking signal.

But a well-optimized meta description can help you to get more click on search engine ranking page, That can help you to get google first page.

CTR or Click Through Rate is a best Google ranking signal.

What is meta description? Seo Tutorial Bangla

When you search anything on google or any others search engine you see a simple text snippet after URL. this simple 160 text snippet is called meta description.

How to check you meta description
There’s a free tool you can use to see your meta description how it looks on Google SERP.

03:30 How to write a best Meta description

You can write only 160 characters
Add your main focusing keywords
Avoid duplicate meta description
Include call to action
Make it specific and relevant.

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