website positioning Experiments 2020: Three Straightforward Exams You Can Attempt to Enhance Your Rankings

by    SEO   Monday, February 17th, 2020

The search landscape is constantly changing, which means you need to run SEO experiments to determine the best ways to optimize your website.

Google updates its search algorithm constantly, and although we don’t know every factor they use to determine SEO rankings, we do know some tried and true methods that get positive results in the search engine results pages (SERPs for short).

In this video, Trevin from the WebFX Marketing team will talk about some of Google’s big priorities and updates over the last year and how you can optimize your site to rank in the SERPs.

He’ll go over Google BERT, a big change in the way Google understands searchers, and what SEO experiment you can try to go along with it.

Trevin will also cover the rise of video marketing and voice search in the recent year and SEO experiments you can try to adapt to them.

You’ll feel ready to try these beginner SEO tests after watching this video.

In this video:
00:00:00 // Introduction to beginner SEO experiments
00:00:27 // SEO Update 1: Google BERT
00:00:57 // SEO Experiment 1: Update your content to be more natural and meet search intent
00:01:31 // SEO Update 2: An emphasis on video marketing
00:02:15 // SEO Experiment 2: Test how videos affect page stats
00:03:09 // SEO Update 3: Voice search
00:03:46 // SEO experiment 3: Optimize and track the performance of content for voice search
00:04:19 // SEO Experiments Conclusion

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