website positioning For Newbies: Skyrocket your google rankings

by    SEO   Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

Google SEO for Beginners

One of the best courses for those that are new to SEO and would like to improve your Google website ranking through Google Search Engine Optimization.

Do you have a great website, but have a hard time getting it to rank in the Google Search Engines?

Would you like more visitors to your website?

Would you like more impressions of your website listing in google for FREE?

Tried paying hundreds of dollars to an SEO expert and still did not get the results your were looking for?

Would you like to get your website to rank higher in the Google Ranking?

Well you are at the right course!!!

I will show you how you can do all this for FREE!!! Yes you can do everything that is taught in this course absolutely FREE…

In this class, I will walk you through step-by-step on how you can:

Get more visitors to your website,

How you can get more impressions in google for your website listing,

How you can boost your google ranking like an SEO expert using FREE SEO tools,

How you can get your website to rank higher in the google search engine,

How you can use google keywords tools to find valuable keywords to rank for,

How you can optimize your Title Tag for SEO

How you can optimize your Meta Description for SEO

How you can optimize your on page content with valuable SEO keywords.

Bonus: I will also give you FREE access to a powerful WordPress plugin that you can use to optimize your Website…

If you are a beginner to SEO then this course is designed specifically for you.

I will show you how to optimize your website by using basic SEO techniques that anyone new to SEO can learn.

What you will get from this course:

Optimizing your title tag is very important to get your website to rank in the google search engines. I will show you how to do that from scratch.

Optimizing your Meta description is a great way to take advantage of how people see your website listing in google. I will show you how to do that from scratch, plus give you tips and ideas.

Optimizing your on page SEO content with valuable keywords is one of the best ways to get your website to show up strong in the google search engines. I will show you how to do that step by step and provide some tips and techniques on how to get valuable keywords for your website content. ( This is what will help you to be on your way to outrank your competition.)

We also have a 24/7 discussion board where you can post any questions you may have.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with this course we will give you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Here is a Testimony from one of the students:The instructor did a very good job of explaining everything, so it was very understandable. The questions were very helpful. Bill Brooks

What sets us apart from other SEO Courses for beginners?

24/7 Question and Answer section

See the cool thing about taking this course is your are not limited to learning from the videos only, I will also be active in answering any questions you may have regarding the course in our 24/7 discussion section.

Live Stream Video of Question and AnswersNot only do we have a 24/7 question and Answer section, but as a student you automatically get access to my once a month live stream video where I answer questions and give more tips and techniques about SEO, even as I learn more about SEO myself.

Our Personal Guarantee:If you have no experience and you are a complete beginner to Search Engine Optimization, we guarantee you will be able to optimize your website for the google search engine after completing this course.

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