website positioning Technique for Greater Rankings in 2020

by    SEO   Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Today learn my SEO strategy in 2020 use my MIRAGE strategy for higher rankings in Google.

What you will learn in this new video:

1. I’ll teach you about rel=canonical tags. What they are and how they work along with a definition of what exactly it is and how it work for your on page SEO.

2. I will cover how links from other websites that are hyperlinked or linked out to a duplicate web page pointing to an original web page using the rel canonical tag attribute will pass the link equity and rank your original from your link building efforts.

3. You learn how to use my search engine optimization advanced seo tips on your link building if you are using blog sites.

4. This is a modern and advanced strategy that will power your authority sites and will require less content marketing on your competitive terms. You can build legit back links to your unique pages using a mini authority duplicate.

So to wrap up you will learn my “MIRAGE SEO STRATEGY” to increase your rankings in Google for 2020. This includes the strategies to push outreach links to duplicate pages using rel canonical in order to pass power through backlinks to original pages on your website. Furthermore hiding your link profile from competitors trying to learn your link building methods and how you are creating backlinks in 2020.

If there are any questions regarding off page SEO or on page SEO perhaps link building or how to get back-links.

Feel free to ask in the comments I am always happy to answer any and all digital marketing questions.

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