website positioning Toolbox 2: Why, When and Learn how to Begin Auditing Your Web site

by    SEO   Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Have you thought about your website’s health recently? When was the last time you ran a site audit? Possibly never? In this webinar, Tristam Jarman, Paige Hobart, and Craig Campbell are talking about your website’s health, the benefits of site audits, and why you should audit your own website.

SEO Toolbox, site audit – 0:00
Presentation start – 3:00
Who am I – 4:48
Why are we here today – 5:42
What will we cover – 6:30
What is an audit – 7:03
Different types of audits – 8:43
Why audit your website – 10:30
Benefits from auditing your website – 17:13
When to audit your website – 18:30
What if I don’t audit my website – 25:41
How to start auditing your website – 34:48
Quick SEO Audit checklist – 41:33
Q+A – 43:37
Question: What is your favorite part of an audit? – 43:50
Question: How do you prioritize what needs to be fixed first? – 49:19
Question: What should you tackle yourself or get external support for? 53:20
Question: What pointers should you consider in a UX audit? 57:00

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