What to Do if Your Etsy Store Isn't Getting Visitors

by    SEO   Saturday, January 11th, 2020

Are you staring down the barrel of NO ETSY TRAFFIC at all? See what you can do when you’re getting traffic some days but not others…and how to fix it asap!

Selling on Etsy is friggin’ hard, and there’s no roadmap to perfect…So I make NO BS videos for REAL people. I want you to see how a regular Etsy seller manages to make more sales and get more traffic. Wanna take ALL my free online Etsy courses? They’re here ►►

Watch ENDLESS Six Minute Makeovers — these are Etsy shop critiques where I show each seller one **NEW THING** they can do in their Etsy shop to make it better (as in, legit new, never before talked about — I don’t like it when people just repeat themselves and we don’t do that here!)

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