What's a PBN and How To Construct One On A Finances

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What’s a PBN and How To Construct One On A Finances

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http://www.seowebgeek.com/whats-a-pbn-and-how-can-i-build-one-on-a-shoe-string/ OK, so I have today received ANOTHER email asking me what a PBN is.

I normally send those people to a bonus a ran for a product launch where I then provided an in-depth walkthrough of said product and how I was going to use it in conjunction with my PBN’s.

However, people then come back saying how can I do this on a budget. Does this cost a lot, do I have to spend $120 a month to subscribe to both Majestic.com and ahrefs.com….

You get the picture so I have 30 minutes before I have to go out so I am going to try and fly through a presentation super quick.


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