Wholesaling Actual Property | Three Methods for Newbie Buyers to Generate Motivated Vendor Leads!!!

by    SEO   Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

As a beginner real estate investor/wholesaler there are only 3 ways to get deals! In this video I break down each one so you can decide which way is best for YOU ☝️ Follow me on Instagram: brentdaniels_ttp

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There are only THREE ways to find real estate deals… as a beginner investor/wholesaler, pick ONE and focus on it:

1 – WAIT for them.
2 – BUY them.
3 – EARN them.

Let’s look at each option by the following FIVE criteria:

1 – FREEDOM OF SCHEDULE: financial freedom doesn’t matter if you don’t have control of your time.

2 – COMPETITION: more competition = high cost and low profit margin.

3 – COST: low cost = high profit margin.

4 – PROFIT MARGIN: besides freedom of schedule, this is the next most important thing. My goal for you is to keep more of the money you make so you can buy more assets and start living the life of your dreams off of the cash flow. TRUE financial freedom!

5 – PREDICTABILITY: you want to be able to CONSISTENTLY do deals month after month; not have a “roller coaster” business that’s always up and down.

OKAY… let’s break down each of the three ways to get deals:

1 – WAIT FOR DEALS: this means getting referrals. The pros are the competition and cost is LOW, and profit margins are HIGH. The cons are it takes a lot of time to start getting referrals (and getting them consistently)… and… because it’s REACTIVE marketing, you don’t have freedom of schedule because you’re always waiting for leads to call you on their time, not yours.

2 – BUY DEALS: this means marketing; the most common strategies are direct mail, Internet leads, and bandit signs. The pros are it can be predictable if you have enough time and money to figure it out (complicated). The cons are the competition and cost is HIGH, and profit margins are LOW. And… there’s no freedom of schedule (REACTIVE marketing): are you able to take incoming sales calls while you’re at work, or putting your kids to bed, or on a date with your spouse, or at the gym, or on vacation? If not, reactive marketing will 100% give you massive anxiety.

3 – EARN DEALS: this means door knocking and cold calling (I chose cold calling because it’s not seasonal, you won’t freeze in the winter or burn in the summer). The pros are the competition and cost is LOW, and profit margins are HIGH. And best of all, you have complete freedom of schedule because earning deals is PROACTIVE marketing: which means you’re playing offense, not defense. Which means you’re talking to motivated sellers on your schedule, not theirs. It’s also very predictable: X number of calls, turns into Y number of leads, turns into Z number of deals.

Real estate investing starts with being able to find good deals, and finding good deals boils down to consistently having quality conversations with distressed property owners.

Of the three options you have… being PROACTIVE and EARNING the deals is the fastest, simplest, and most direct path.



Brent Daniels is a multi-million dollar wholesaler in Phoenix, Arizona… and the creator of “Talk To People” — a simple, low cost, and incredibly effective telephone marketing program…

Also known as “TTP”… it helps wholesalers do more, bigger, and more profitable deals by replacing traditional paid advertising (postcards, yellow letters, bandit signs, and PPC) with being proactive and taking action every single day!

Brent has personally coached over 1,000 wholesalers enrolled in his “Cold Calling Mastery” training, and helped 10,000’s of others who listen to him host the Wholesaling Inc. podcast, watch his YouTube channel, and attend his live events…

A natural leader, Brent combines his passion for helping others with his high energy, “don’t-wait-around-for-business” attitude to help you CRUSH your wholesaling goals as quickly and easily as possible!