Why is my natural visitors down for my web site – (web optimization Tip)

by    SEO   Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Why is the organic traffic of my site decreasing?
We have a b2b travel technology site. In a month we were able to bring 100% increase in our referral traffic but our organic traffic has gone down in a pretty bad way & ranking too. Our main keywords were ranked 10-20, but now they rank 50-60. Our off-page seo strategy is:
1- Guest Posting to industry related sites with anchor text. Like 40 sites per week.
2- Article submission on high ranking sites. (Like 1 article on 40 sites X 4 in a month)
3-Directory Submission & Social bookmarking of our product pages on like a total of 200 sites in a month. Again we check the rank of the sites.
4- Started a weekly blog.
Now he have been doing this monthly activity for the last 45 days. So what improvement should we do to bring organic traffic back up. .

A – First of all you need to understand why your rankings decreased.
As I can understand you have no Manual Actions in your Google Webmaster Tools?
So first of all check who outranked you. It may happen that your competitors have done some great SEO and outranked you. I’d recommend to use any tool that allows to check your rankings and compare them to your competitors.
Then compare your domain metrics to the websites that outrank you.
I’d recommend the the Moz Pro & Opensite Explorer and their Backlink Quality tool. You can add up to 4 competing websites to compare their backlink results to those of your project. Home page Google PR, number of total backlinks, linking domains, linking pages, backlinks from .GOV and .EDU sites, image links, nofollow links and sitewide links metrics will all be seen in the report to help you understand why those websites may outrank you.
Then check your backlink profile quality. The Penguin update, that has become a big part of the Google algorithm, continues to ruin rankings for some. There may be no notifications in the Manual Actions section of the Google Webmaster Tools, but still your rankings may decrease. I’ll recommend the Moz Pro & Opensite Explorer again, because this is the best tool that analizes the quality of the links you have.
Once you understand why your rankings decreased, you can develop your further SEO strategy and become #1.

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