WordPress search engine optimisation: Superior Technical search engine optimisation Made Simple

by    SEO   Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

This tutorial shows how to easily improve your technical SEO using WordPress plugins, configurations, and simple strategies.
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This is the second part in our WordPress SEO series. In part one, we covered the absolute basics in using WordPress for on-page SEO.

The main topics covered in this video are:

1. Plugins, tools, and settings to improve page speed/site speed.
2. How to avoid common duplicate content issues.
3. Basic internal linking tactics/strategies.

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0:56 Start with site audit
1:07 Set up your site for optimal speed and performance
4:30 Add internal links to the pages you want to rank
5:37 Install a “popular articles” widget to your blog
6:20 Deal with the “duplicate content” issues

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