WP Feedback+ – Get extra social visibility and higher rankings in your weblog

by    SEO   Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

WP Comments+ Jeet is a new WordPress plugin made by Cecil Gupta. This tool will help you get more engagement on your blog and get you more social visibility and improve your Google rankings.

It is along the lines of Facebook comments, where once a comment is posted the post is shared again automatically to a the friends of the person posting leading to higher visibility and traction.

WP Comments+ does the same thing with Google+. Just install this plug in on your WordPress blog and it will let your visitors comment through a widget.

Once a comment is posted it will then be shared with all the contacts of the person posting it on Google+. You can also decide where you want this widget.

To do so go to WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins, go to WP Comments+ Jeet and you will reach the settings for the plugin. You can then decide select between posts, pages and homepage.

The widget will appear as per your customisation. You can also select a custom title. Facebook restricts Google from ranking and hence no impact on rankings.

However any traction on Google+ will help boost rankings for sure. To know more log on to