Writing Efficient Meta Descriptions and Hyperlink Textual content for search engine optimisation

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In a fast-paced, dynamic field such as SEO, it is crucial to stay well-informed. Even seasoned SEO experts understand the need to keep on learning lest they become obsolete. Emerging trends. Algorithmic changes. Technological advancements. These are some of the few things every SEO professional should be watching out for. But if you haven’t been keeping an eye on these for whatever reason, don’t worry. We’ve got your covered.

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Writing Efficient Meta Descriptions and Hyperlink Textual content for search engine optimisation

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In this video, we’ll dig into meta descriptions and link text for SEO performance on your website.

When you conduct a search, how do you decide which result to click on? The page title and the meta description probably play huge roles in deciding that a resource is helpful to you.

In this video, we’re going to learn how to write and edit your meta descriptions. A meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a webpage. This brief snippet of text that appears below the blue link in a search engine result. This description summarizes the content of the webpage linked above it, and although it is not an official ranking factor in Google search results, it can be edited to help people understand what the webpage is about and encourage them to click through.

There are three reasons why you need a meta description:
A meta description increases clickthrough rates and visits from organic search
A meta description gives the right people the right information at the right time.
A meta description increases visits from social.

In this video, we will dig into each of these. We’ll also cover link text.

On a webpage, descriptive link text is important for your SEO performance. A link description is the clickable word or words in a hyperlink. Link descriptions help users and search engines better understand your content. Search engines will be better able to understand the purpose of your links and the hierarchy of the post. And people will be more inclined to click a link that directly explains what the destination is.

What does a bad link look like? Generic words like “click here” or “learn more” is not an effective link description. Google suggests these link description best practices. Stay on topic. Don’t use text that has no relation to the page’s content. Don’t use the page’s URL as the link description, unless you have a good reason to do so, such as referencing a site’s new address. Keep descriptions concise. Aim for a few words or a short phrase. Format links so that they’re easy to spot.


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