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What is backlink and why?
This is my video on how to create a YouTube channel backlink. But first I got to know about YouTube. YouTube is a video exchange website. YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing sites in the current Internet world, offering its members the ability to upload, watch and share videos. Founded the service in February 2005. Let’s find out who is the reputed founder of this popular website. Founders-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Bangladeshi descent Jawed Karim. Above all, your channel will be a channel setting with well-organized and streamlined videos. YouTube or Visitors who understand your channel visits is a channel of interest to a person with a personality. Backlink is very important for viewers SEO. Backlinks are the links to your site from a site. If a link on your website is on another site, it is a backlink to your site.Backlinks can also be called referral links. Because, having a link to your site on another site means they are referring to your site. Backlink is actually created for Youtube Video.This is the only way to share your video on other sites. It will show your video on another site.That is, we can say in one word that ‘the incoming link we get from other sites to our own site is called backlink’. Backlinks are very close to the search engine.A backlink is a vote for you. For this, the search engine is always looking for a backlink or more of a site. Because you, too, may never want an unqualified candidate to sit in an important seat.For this, the search engines and their first page give more importance to the backlink.And Google has been managing to expose this importance to PageRank.Through PageRank, Google reveals the importance or rank of the website.Therefore, it proves that you need to increase your page rank and most importantly increase backlinks.Viewers easily understand how important backlinks are.So always try to optimize on-page optimization as well as increase the backlink of opt-in optimization equally.You can get help to create a back link by entering the site.If you’ve never used an ifttt, you’re missing out on its best offers. ifttt is a tool that lets you use targeting and actions based on a remarkable format.It can connect to hundreds of different tools and social media networks, making it extraordinarily powerful. As soon as you share the video on different sites, the backlink will be created, so your video ranking will benefit.Enter in the viewer browser’s address bar Click on sign in. You can signup to a Google account or a Facebook account, which you prefer. Then click on any of continue with google or continue with facebook. So I clicked continue with google.After clicking on a new window is open, enter your gmail id here and look a little below it appears click here and enter the password here and then click on the next button.So viewers have been logged in and see this just below Start connecting your world. After clicking on the If +ThisThen That click on the plus sign here, if you want to share YouTube video, find the YouTube icon from this page and click on youtube icon then click connect Viewers has opened a different window. You must login to the channel. Click Connect Here is a New Window Click here on your gmail ID with its Allow Viewers There are many options available Choose. Choose trigger You can see below that what we need here is a new public video upload by you so you can watch any video on the channel. Upload as soon as your video is shared on one site.Now click and click on an IfThen✚That Plus + sign. There are many sites coming in. Now you have to link to one of the sites here. I first clicked on Twitter. From here, click on a new Account Authorization app, click Viewer post a tweet. You can check what is in your tweeter post in advance. Here is the title url which means that the title url of your video will be added. Viewers Click on the creat action button.Now that your applet has been created, the video will be posted to Twitter every time the viewer posts what you post on your YouTube channel. In this way, link your channel to every important site here.So Viewers I have discussed in detail about banklink. Viewers hope you find this backlink video tutorial on how to create a backlink – Insha Allah.
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