YouTube Rating: Superior YouTube Thumbnail Suggestions for MORE Views

by    SEO   Sunday, May 5th, 2019

Learn how to improve your YouTube thumbnails and get MORE views on YouTube with access to advanced YouTube thumbnail click through rate (CTR) data for ALL your videos.

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— YouTube Ranking: Advanced YouTube Thumbnail Tips for MORE Views —

YouTube thumbnails are a critical element of YouTube ranking & video optimization. Every time your video is shown in search results or a viewers suggested feed, YouTube tracks an ‘impression’… and everytime a video gets clicked, it tracks a ‘click’!

The ratio of total clicks your video gets vs. the total number of times it’s shown is called your click through rate, and it’s a great indicator YouTube can easily use to compare YOUR videos to all the other ones they’re displaying alongside it.

Why is this so important? In short, if your video has a LOW click through rate relative to other videos shown alongside it, YouTube is likely to rank it LOWER in the feed or search results so it can better highlight the content that viewers are clearly more attracted to.

And THAT’S why Thumbnails are so critical to your videos performance… In a search feed, there’s only so much you can do to attract a viewer to click YOUR video over everyone else’s – and if your thumbnail is bad, you’re missing a BIG opportunity to attract viewers to click your video over all the others!

But how do you know which of your thumbnails are performing well, and which ones need some work? Fortunately, YouTube has been giving us a lot more data on this lately – including click through rates you can use to get super clear on your thumbnail performance. Drilling into YouTube’s analytics, we can now also download a COMPLETE overview of click through rates across your entire channel!

In this video we show you exactly how to access that advanced data to see the thumbnail CTR across every video on your YouTube channel, so you can identify which designs are working as well as the ones that you should improve to get more views!

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