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by    SEO   Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Youtube SEO San Diego services

Hi, I’m Jen a YouTube SEO specialist ready to rank your videos higher!

Do you have YouTube videos that need to rank higher? Whether you have old YouTube Videos that have never ranked or just need help to optimize your current YouTube Videos, I can help!

YouTube SEO Factors You Need to Know:

Social Shares
Video Embeds
Video Description
Organic Comments / Responses
Audience Retention

My #1 YouTube SEO tip: If you can make consistent YouTube Videos, YouTube will REWARD you! That’s right. If you can dedicate your time to follow a strict YouTube schedule, your SEO will have a HUGE boost in YouTube.  If it’s been a long time since you uploaded, you need to know about these SEO elements listed below and implement them into your video SEO efforts.

Located in San Diego, CA. I have been optimizing YouTube Videos for over a Decade. It’s now harder than ever to rank a YouTube video higher in YouTube search results. However, I have been evolving my SEO efforts to boost YouTube videos organically. Where many SEO experts are using the old ways of ranking videos, I’m leveraging the new methods that work!

YouTube SEO Service Provider
Optimizing Your Videos Can Lead to MORE Exposure
You already did the hard work of creating YouTube videos, now put in the extra effort with video SEO and get your YouTube videos discovered. If you are inexperienced with YouTube video SEO, you could possibly do more harm than good. Trust a YouTube SEO expert and get a competitive edge!

Rank Your YouTube Videos HIGHER
Your competition may have already hired SEO services for YouTube videos. Why not level the playing field? Give your YouTube videos the extra attention to detail they need to be LOVED by YouTube.

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