Youtube Search engine optimization : How To Use Blogger To Create High quality Backlinks

by    Backlinks Services   Saturday, July 7th, 2018

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Youtube Seo is very important. And having quality backlinks is much needed establishes you video as important and worth seeing when Youtube’s bot crawlers search your videos.
And Blogger is the best way to set up these quality backlinks.

Google loves google and blogger is one of their favorite tools so it just makes sense to use it in your Youtube Seo strategy.

I show you how to set up and use blogger in the most effective way for not just Youtube seo but also get picked up on google’s search engines.

You see when using blogger you need unique content. So copy and pasting the description or just leaving the video is not enough.

You want to be seen and have people click on the video url through your blogger post.

Now you see how important it is to create this backlink for Youtube seo!

Hope this youtube seo video helped you understand why you need to be using blogger for each video.

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0:00 intro to Youtube Seo How To Use Blogger To Create Quality Backlinks
2:00 how to set up a blogger post properly
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