YouTube To Increase Your Enterprise and Earnings

by    SEO   Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

YouTube is an amazing platform. And it’s one of the best and fastest way to boom your business

As long as you have a camera — which most of you do if you have a smart phone — you can upload a video.

I have hundreds of videos on this channel with 1000s of subscribers and I barely use anything fancy at all.

Most of the time I just use my camera on my phone or the camera on my computer and the only software that I use is free screencast-o-matic (you can buy this software if you want.)

I’m not a video editor…nor do I try.

When I first started my moving business I was one of the only ones that even used YouTube. After every move, I made a video with my customer saying how much they loved my services.

At the time no one was doing that. I basically started not only using videos to post my testimonials but I used that fact to stand head and shoulders above my competition…

And it worked.

But now, it’s even more crucial that you use video in your social media marketing campaigns.

Youtube is owned by Google and it’s actually the second most used search engine, especially when it comes to How-To type searches.

You should be owning that space.

And it’s not hard to come up with ideas for videos. Use Google to help you with that.

But don’t just post how-to videos, also do behind-the-scenes and vlogs.

My mate, Tommy Mover, does this to great success.

Wade Swikle does this to good results.

But it’s not just good for moving companies, every business can do this strategy.

The only thing stopping you from doing this is you and your fear. Use Youtube to boost your business and profits.

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