YOUTUBE VIDEO web optimization – How To Rank ANY Youtube Video 1ST Web page In 24 Hours FAST!

by    SEO   Thursday, June 14th, 2018

YOUTUBE VIDEO SEO How To Rank ANY Youtube Video in
24 Hours On The First Page Of Google & Youtube FAST!

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How to rank any youtube video – a complete guide to youtube seo in this video will show you exactly how to rank your videos in here’s what you’ll learn in this youtube optimization and video marketing tutorial.

1) Youtube Keyword Research – When you’re creating a Youtube video you must create the video with a purpose. Randomly making a Youtube video without doing any keyword research will NOT rank your video on the first page of youtube in 24 hours or less. Follow what I teach you in this video and if you would like to leverage the tool that helps you do keyword research for all your youtube videos then i’ve left the link above.

2) Youtube Ranking Title – The title is the most important part of your Youtube video. If you want to SEO your video for a specific keyword you must make sure that that keyword is in the title of your video otherwise youtube won’t rank it as high as your competition.

3) Youtube Description – When typing up your description for all of your Youtube videos you have a maximum of 5,000 words so use them effectively and pepper in your keyword in the description along with other related keywords to your Youtube video. For example read this entire description and you will see the “video optimization” strategy that I use to rank this video on the first page of Youtube.

4) Keywords & Tags – The Tags of your video is the next step so make sure to put the keyword you’re trying to rank for in the tags when uploading your video along with the other video keywords that are related to your main keyword and remember, the longer tailed the keyword the easier it is going to be to rank on the 1st page of Youtube.

5) Audience Retention – The % that your viewers watch your youtube video will determine the retention time and the higher retention you have the higher that Youtube is going to rank your video.

6) Total Watch Time – Total Watch Time is dictated by the total amount of views multiplied by the time that the average viewer watches each video and usually you can just see the total watch time in your Youtube video analytics. The higher watch time means the higher ranking your video will have.

7) Social Engagment – Likes, Comments, and social shares are the name of the SEO game. If you have a high likes to dislikes ratio then Youtube will favor your video so the goal is to get as many likes as possible and as many comments as possible. I’m not going to go into detail here as I cover this in this “Youtube VIDEO SEO” tutorial so pay close attention to the end of the video.

YOUTUBE VIDEO SEO – How To Rank ANY Youtube Video 1st Page In 24 Hours FAST! –