Bi-Fold Door Assembly Instructions

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Bi-Fold Door Assembly Instructions


Let’s assume for the moment that you already have your doors and have measured the doorway in your home. Standard door sizes include 24 inches, 32 inches, 36 inches, etc. Make sure the door you choose can be altered to match the opening, or else you will be making many trips back and forth to the store. The classic adage “measure twice, cut once” is applicable to all building and renovation projects.

In most cases, you’ll want to have:

Drill: cordless or corded?

-Hack Saw (the metal tracks these doors typically run on are difficult to work with).

-drill bit (not required)

Common screwdriver

The Phillips Head Driver

-Measurement Tape


Now clear out any furniture or other typical impediments from the opening where you plan to install this door since it will pull out to the side. If you haven’t done so previously, take down the old door and all of its fittings. Now is your chance to be ahead of the game if you need to replace a broken Bi-folding door. If you are able to locate a door with an identical track, installing the replacements is as simple as attaching the roller hardware to the top of the new doors and sliding them into place. After then, the process is finished.

Those of you who aren’t so lucky, measure the height of the doorway to see how much room you have. Take your time and cut carefully. The gap between the wall and the track must be accommodated. There’s no need to worry if you’re somewhat below average height or if there’s a millimeter or two of space on either side. These days, a quarter- or coin-sized hole is a noticeable separation. Check the mounting holes on the track now, before you cut it. To acquire the proper number of holes and the right length of track, it may be necessary to make a tiny cut at each end. Inadequately supporting the track at the door’s edges can cause the door to sag.

Make sure the track fits the hole by holding it in place. Make a mark above the opening on the top support. You can go ahead and pre-drill the screw holes now. The drill bit should be smaller than the screws being used for mounting. Take your time and have a helper hold the track while you use a cordless drill or a hand-held screwdriver to insert the screws. The aperture should be symmetrical on both sides of the track. Be wary of spinning out your screws or breaking them by setting the drill to too high a speed. Check with the door manufacturer or hardware supplier to see if the door must be in the track before the screws can be installed.

You can hang the doors with the hardware on the edges or the sides, depending on how much time you have. Once these are in place, install the pull handle such that it is centered on the inside edge of the door on the left or right. Keep in mind that these doors have a track that allows them to draw out toward you and slide to the side. The aforementioned holds true when hinges are used to connect the two panels of a bi-folding door. If not, put the hinges up right away. Inside most doors, you’ll find a single hinge located about in the middle. Put the top hardware into the track at an angle, pull the door out toward you (with help if necessary), and set the door in the track.

There, you have successfully fitted a bi-fold door.

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