How one can get Google high 10 rating - RiGSEO.COM, greater rating in high of google search outcomes

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How one can get Google high 10 rating – RiGSEO.COM, greater rating in high of google search outcomes


How to get top 10 search engine ranking in Google Bing for your website, a video tutorial. Visit

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Here we have shown how we have optimized in Google, our old website rankingoogle dot com ( our new website is rigseo dot com )- Please LIKE & SHARE it if you get something new in this video.

Hi welcome to our website rigseo dot com and “RiG SEO is our brand name. Now we have obtained many top 10 ranking in Google, say if you search in Google “Google top 10 ranking guaranteed”, you will get our website in the top position. If you search GOOGLE TOP 10 RANKING you will get our site in the #4 top position in the first page of Google.

rigseo dot com( actually our old website rankingoogle (dot) com) is at #3 position for the keyword “GOOGLE TOP 10 RANK”, you will get our website in the third position, i.e the top 3 position in Google first page ranking and on many other search phrases our old website rankingoogle (dot) com , now rigseo dot com is in top placement of Google.

But we didn’t obtain first page ranking till date on the keyword “GOOGLE SEO SERVICES”, on this keyword our rank is in 11th position, that is in the second page, page 2 and now we are targeting to get Google top 10 position on “Google SEO Services” And “Google seo service” and few others search terms, so we are targeting this search phrase.

Now our target is top position for the keyword “Google SEO Services”, so we need to place this search phrase “GOOGLE SEO SERVICES”, on which we are right now in the 2nd page of Google ranking, 15th to 16th position, in the second page. Here in the fifteenth position, in our website we need to put the GOOGLE SEO SERVICES search phrase. We can use it in H1 tag, or H2 tag, or in the body text of the webpage but keyword density matters, you need some knowledge on it. If you want to get more details on keyword density so see our other tutorials on it.

In the title tag, you can put the search phrase “Google seo services” and in the body we have also laced them, this is called onpage seo. Onpage means in the page you need to put the search phrases.

Another type of seo is offpage seo, You need to get links from other websites, not your website, here not from rankingoogle (dot) com (our old website), back links pointing to rankingoogle (dot) com.

I’m telling you what we have done. Here is another website that is pointing to our website rankingoogle dot com & when I am pointing my mouse over that link & you see that rankingoogle dot com com appears in the status bar, so this link points to “rigseo dot com”, the text of this link, also called anchor text is “Google SEO Services”. So we need to put this type of links in many other websites like forum, blogs etc to get backlinks to our website, that is called offpage seo or backlinks pointing, but dont do too much, dont use same anchor text in many backlinks, if we get 100 backlinks, use 10/20 backlinks with anchor text with Google seo service.

After May 2012, after Penguin update of Google you shall be penalized by Google if you use too much same anchor text and in the future
tutorials we shall tell you more about this.

Thank you, I am Bik from
RiG SEO Service,