Instructions for Mounting an Air Conditioner in a Window

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Instructions for Mounting an Air Conditioner in a Window


Electricity prices tend to soar in the summer because of the extreme heat and humidity. As a result, many individuals prefer to cool their homes by installing air conditioners in their windows. These may be put up instantly and taken down when the weather settles down for the year. Basic instructions for installing one of these in a window at home are provided below.

Getting Ready for the Setup

It’s essential to assess the space and pick the right installation window before you start. Choose a window two or three feet away from a standard three-prong electrical plug. If a two-pronged outlet is the only one in the area, have an electrician install a three-pronged outlet near the window. Using an adaptor or an extension cord to “get by” is dangerous and could result in a fire or other disaster.

You should also measure the window opening and compare those numbers to the specifications for the air conditioner you bought. If you haven’t already, utilize this information to ensure you get a unit that fits your window.

Conditioning the Air System

The manual is the best resource if you want to know how to prepare something properly. The steps outlined below are broad suggestions for setting up the device.

First, use the screws provided to secure the top rail into place. This rail will ensure the unit is stable in the window opening. The next step is to take the side panels out of their respective package and inspect them to determine which side they should go on. Pull out the panels and slot them into the side rails.

The panels’ surrounding framing is probably going to be dangling. The unfastened framing pieces must be placed on either side of the top rail. Once the air conditioner is in place, the framing will block the outside air, stabilizing the side panels. Once these panels are in place, the window air conditioner may be mounted within the room.


The first step in installing a window is to open it and remove anything that might get in the way. Ensure you have a second set of hands for the installation to ensure everyone’s safety.

Carefully insert the air conditioner into the window opening, ensuring the rail for attaching it faces outside. Ensure the window is snug against the unit by pulling it down behind the top fence. The top rail must be installed on the interior of the window.

Mount the side panels to the window using the provided hardware by extending them until they meet the frame. Sash lock hardware for installing the air conditioner above the forward-facing sash in the window should have been included. Foam can also seal the space between the upper and lower straps, preventing air leakage.

You should also consider installing insulation near any potential air entry points. More insulation means less money lost this summer due to escaping cool air. You might want to consider installing more insulation between the inside of your home (where the cool air will be) and the exterior to prevent the cool air from escaping via cracks or openings.

Installation Quality Assurance

Ensure the air conditioner is functional by plugging its power cord into an electrical outlet. Sometimes you must hit the “RESET” button on the power cord to get things working again. Take it outside and tilt it back slightly so that water can drain away.

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