IPv6 Migration: Some Classes Discovered

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IPv6 Migration: Some Classes Discovered


Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) and The DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS-OARC) are proud to present a joint webinar “IPv6 Migration: Some Lessons Learned”

IPv6 migration has been advocated for years, yet for many organizations it was the actual depletion of IPv4 addresses that finally forced the issue. In some countries such as India, China and the United States, governments are strongly encouraging migration to IPv6 and even mandating its use for its own networks.

This session focuses on “A Day in the Life of the Internet”, which is a large-scale yearly data collection project undertaken by CAIDA and OARC since 2006, to share insights gained around growing native IPv6 traffic patterns.

This session also touches upon some of the material taught in ISC’s 3-Day IPv6 Workshop, and offer insights into ISC’s own operational experience; both from the software and the network side of its operations.

ISC has been at the forefront of IPv6 for more than 15 years, and we urge you to join us and learn how ISC has helped in making IPv6 migration easier.

Peter Losher – Senior Systems Engineer, Internet Systems Consortium
Timothy McGinnis — Manager of Training/Education, Internet Systems Consortium
Geoffrey Sisson – Consulting Engineer, DNS-OARC
Suzanne Woolf — Strategic Partnerships Manager, Internet Systems Consortium and President, DNS-OARC

Learn more at http://www.isc.org